The scientific name for WATER is H2O

Water molecule 

Each water molecule has
Hydrogen atoms joined to one atom of Oxygen.

H2O  makes up more than 70% of our bodies.

Next to oxygen, it is our most essential element. 
While it is necessary that our bodies get enough water, it is also
important that the water we drink is microbiologically and chemically safe.

In recent years, the quality and safety of our public water supply has come into question. 

We are a country at war.

Many reports show the public/government/municipal water supply that is so vital to the survival of millions of children,
men, women, pets and livestock
is not only considered a soft target, (virtually unprotected from attack) ~ the tap water
that you and I purchase also has little if any protection against another large and deadly outbreak of Cryptosporidium.

Fortunately, there are affordable Homewater Security systems designed to meet your personal water quality requirements.

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