Rock Island National Match SEI precision M14 EBR

Custom built CRAZY HORSE® M14 EBR-RINM-SEI in an Ultra rare,
1 of  3 SAGE PMRI stocks known to be marked with SEI's crest.

The Smith Enterprise, Inc. (SEI) M14SE CRAZY HORSE SDM is capable of sub MOA accuracy
at 1000 yards with M118LR from a USGI synthetic stock that has been modified by SEI.

The CRAZY HORSE® M14 EBR-RINM-SEI replaces the modified USGI synthetic stock
with the accuracy enhancing M14ALCS/PMRI EBR chassis stock from SAGE International.


Rare heel stamped Poly Tech forged receiver (pre ban)

USGI TRW bolt with USGI internals

SEI Medium Heavy 1:10 ROT Crazy Horse M21 A5 barrel chambered for M118LR

SEI Standard weight 1:10 ROT Crazy Horse barrel chambered for M118LR (spare)

SEI gas cylinder, gas plug and SBR piston

SEI National Match rear sight

SEI DC Vortex flash eliminator - Wind Talker sound suppressor ready


SEI extended bolt catch

SEI National Match front sight on SEI GLFS-D-22 marked U.S.

SEI Wire EDM scope mount with SEI Wire EDM scope rings (LOW)

SEI Bipod - older version

SEI forged 1-piece op rod

SEI Chrome Silicon trigger and op rod springs

SEI M14/M21A5 C-IED 4.5 lb MAX-PAK Trigger Upgrade on Poly Tech trigger group


SADLAK National Match op rod spring guide

SEI M80HT heat treatment and Deep Thermal Cryo treatment throughout


M14EBR.US EBR trigger shoe

SAGE PMRI mono pod rail

Precision Rail Monopod (PRM) BT12-QK with BT07 (not pictured)

SAGE full auto cut-out cover  (not pictured)

Developed by SEI, SAGE and TACOM Rock Island Arsenal


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