The History and Development of the M14 EBR

With the lone exception of the Springfield M1903, the M14 rifle is
the longest serving rifle used by units of U.S. Armed forces.

Thank you to
everyone @
Sage International, Ltd,
CRANE NSWC, and TACOM RI for furnishing historical facts.

A special thank you to: Clyde Armory and Smith Enterprise, Inc
for more than a decade of excellent customer service.


In the year 2000 some east coast SEALs began
searching for a more compact M14 for arctic warfare.

For evaluation purposes the folks at CRANE NSWC and others custom
built an assortment of M14 stocks including one GI synthetic with
telescopic butt stock SAGE makes for the 870 shotgun attached.


After field evaluations the
SEALs reported they liked the SAGE 870 mod the best.

With a new replacement stock machined from a solid billet of aluminum...
The SAGE Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) chassis stock system was born.


MK14 Operators Manual

Production numbers as of 2011

Mod 0 - 1000

Mod 1 - 500
Mod 2 - 250
Mod 0 type SEI - 125
M39 EMR - 700
M14EBR-RI - 6200

There were numerous self financed EBRs that are not on the list.


The only EBR issued with the M14 EBR trigger shoe


Why should you install the M14 EBR trigger shoe?

The M14 SSR - modernized

A few 'civilian' straight back Mod 2 PMRI interface butt stocks
were available from SAGE in '14, all of them were black. 


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M14EBR-RI Video





Designated Marksman, M14, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock
with telescoping butt stock, adjustable cheek rest and butt pad

    Not satisfied with the standard EBR the SEALs requested additional changes and modifications.
<  NSWC CRANE modified several EBR stocks for further evaluation.
    The front of the EBR stock was shortened from 13" to 11.25" and extra lightening cuts were made.


    This reduced length required side rails that are 1.60" shorter than those used on EBR stocks.
<  The NAVY SEAL GRAY "Chop Mod" EBR stock was born. Crane built MK14 Mod 0 pictured.

    Hundreds of stocks have been delivered to NSWC CRANE.
<  Pictured on the left is a January 2005 production NSG 'Chop Mod' stock.

<  Para Jumper with a CRANE MK14 MOD 0 in a Navy Seal Gray (NSG) EBR.


CQB M14, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis
Stock with M4/M16 style receiver extension tube

Within the great state of TEXAS


<  1 of 11 SAGE NAVY SEAL Mod 1 CQB EBR
    Only eleven 1st generation Mod 1 stocks were released to the public.
    Additional 1st generation Mod 1 stocks became available late in 2011.

<  The chassis has been machined in several areas around the magwell to reduce weight.
    The side rails are longer and the 5 screw top cover rail accepts a medium heavy barrel.

<  Original 1st generation Mod 1 stock pictured above 2nd generation Mod 1 stock.
    Note the different colors and contours on the pistol grip mount plus the different extension tube.
    I believe all 1st gen chassis stocks used Vltor extension tubes with a storage compartment.

1of 25 made 'Dot Matrix' NAVY SEAL GRAY EBR
Purchased from Clyde Armory 12/18/2004
NOTE: Outside of military contracts, Clyde Armory is the sole source for the NSG color on SAGE stocks.

25 full length 'Vibro Peen' EBR Stocks were built to NAVY SEAL
Chop Mod specifications (except length) and
included with the
first batch of military issue NSG Chop Mod stocks mentioned above
for anodizing
a special NAVY SEAL GRAY (NSG) color 11/2004.

1 of 25 'Vibro Peen' NSG chassis are collectors items.

A similar full length NSG EBR was issued...

<  All 25 Navy Gray EBRs have the Vibro Peen engraving pictured.
25 Navy Gray EBRs were sold to the general public by Clyde Armory.


<  The NSG EBR stock is noticeably lighter than the vintage EBR stock due in part
     to the
extra holes drilled/cut through the frame, rails and butt stock/pistol grip mount.

 The pistol grip/butt stock mount is much improved and strengthened with fewer welds.
    These improvements are now standard on all SAGE EBR chassis systems.


     Civilian Mod 0 type SEI in a 1 of 25 'Vibro Peen' EBR chassis
Featured in Lee Emerson's books:
M14 Rifle History and Development 1 & 2


Crazy Horse MK14 Mod 0 type SEI with Fisher Ent./SEI  M14-DC sound suppressor.
Wind Talkerâ„¢ Sound Suppressors
~ SEI Showcase


MK14 SEI Crazy Horse Mod 0


Vintage (2004) SAGE EBR


<  Springfield Armory, Inc. Scout Squad below vintage SAGE M14 EBR chassis stock.
     This was my very first hands on experience with the EBR chassis system.


<  Complete Scout M1A action being prepared for installation.
    Pictured with assorted parts and accessories 10/2004.


<  Scout M1A in the vintage EBR stock with accessories 11/2004.

<  EBR Ashley, the original EBR girl.



Three (3) of these stocks were marked: "Smith Enterprise M14 EBR-RINM-SEI"

US Marine M39EMR





 December, 2010
At Camp Perry, Ron Smith poses with Doug Carlstrom,
the project manager for the M14 EBR program at TACOM-RI.

"Doug is holding what will soon be an accepted service
rifle for competition at Camp Perry and NRA matches.
The rifle pictured has our approved barrel and gas system.
This particular rifle shot 184 out of 200 at a 1000
yards by Ret. Brigadier General Eddy Newman.

We are offering a replica of this with some variations
and the stocks will mark
ed RINM-NM". -- Ron Smith
EDIT: I don't believe they were approved for competition.

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